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New Parody Site

2 Jan

Hi guys!

We’re so sorry that we just sort of disappeared off the face of the blogosphere. Blame ennui, busy schedules, and Netflix.

But inspiration has struck! Even though we will no longer be posting on P&P, our voices have moved over to a new space on Tumblr called the Parody Workshop. We hope that you all will come check out our tongue-in-cheek parodies of popular culture.

Our first offering to the gods of comedy, if you will permit us one last homage to our namesakes, is Gloaming (Or, Twilight in which Edward can hear Bella’s thoughts and does not wait until the second book to attempt suicide by Volturi).

Peace, and happy new year!



Things you miss when you don’t take public transit

12 Nov

As we mentioned last week, this past weekend was a bit of a P&P reunion/whirlwind 2 .5 days during which Penny met [most of] Polly’s peeps.

Getting around [POLLY’S CITY] is best done via public transit. Below is a transcription of our adventures on the same. Enjoy. (We certainly did.)

Saturday, early afternoon. The train is full and P&P are forced to separate. Text messages inevitably ensue.

Polly: Can we observe bro cracking a beer before 1 sitting across from retired school teachers.

Penny: Ok… I’ll be obvious and turn around… HAHAHAHAHHAA. And sitting next to his super entitled, annoying wife? With the cappuccino machine because she did the math and realized how much money she was wasting on Starbucks where the stupid, uneducated baristas just mess up her complicated order anyway and are they sure they don’t have any almond milk?

Polly: If I had a better phone, I’d snag a picture of his shoes.

Penny: HAHAHHA OMZ. Those are not shoes. Those are Foot Candy for Men. (And I am at the wrong angle to do so unobtrusively. Sigh.)

Polly: It’s so inspiring! HOLY SHIT did you hear social security might run out? MY TEACHER SAID SO.

Penny: Social security is going bankrupt? Whatever, I have lavender shoes and coordinating purple polk-a-dot socks. Continue reading

New Recurring Characters

15 Oct

We’ve added Oxford Comma and MMF to our list of Recurring Characters because <<gasp>> it looks like they maybe might (in some strange alternate universe that is not our normal lives) be around for a while.

This just in: Furbies still creepy

19 Sep

(And apparently a hot toy this Christmas.)

Polly: I had one. I think it’s locked away in a cabinet in my basement – thing wouldn’t shut up. I had an idea for a low budget horror movie and an army of furbies. I didn’t develop it any further… I was too afraid.

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