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P&P’s Guide to an Extreme Weather Event Halloween

9 Oct

Since the past two Halloweens here on the east coast have been effectively cancelled (see: Snowalloween, 2011 and Hurricane Sandy, 2012), this year we decided to get a head start on mother nature and propose a few extreme-weather-related costumes for when you’re holed up in your apartment not going anywhere this October 31.

El Niño/La Niña – The couple’s costume! First thing’s first, cut out waves from a piece of cardboard and paint them blue. Add a “Pacific Ocean” label, if you so desire. (Remember – only one of you can hold the waves at a time!) Dark pigtail braids for La Niña, who should carry a bottle of ice water and a hair dryer. El Niño carries around a hot water bottle and a hairdryer. The couple should douse some people and blow dry others (floods and droughts, people; floods and droughts) with La Niña doing the opposite of El Niño (be sure to hand off the waves!). Sorry to the feminists in our readership, but La Niña typically follows El Niño… so, for authenticity, La Niña should stay behind El Niño.

The Farmer’s Almanac – Needed: overalls, hay, crystal ball, smug smile (maybe with missing teeth from when the National Weather Service got a little frustrated during your last go-round).

Haboob –  We’re actually not entirely sure how to dress like a desert dust storm, but how fun is it to tell everyone you’re a Haboob? (Ed. Note: You could just roll in the mud, then roll in some sand. Give people a lot of hugs. Sand gets everywhere.)

Landslide – Dress like Stevie Nicks and look mournful. Maybe trail some mud.

Tornado – Wrap yourself in a Twister sheet. Bonus points if you pin on little sharks.

Hurricane – Too soon? Too soon.

FEMA – This one depends on your political leanings. If you’re a Republican/Libertarian, you’re going for a bloated look in a rain jacket with reams of paper sticking out of various pockets. If you’re a Democrat, you mean business in your minimalist rain gear and clipboard, and you should give out little packets of almond butter to victims of natural disaster.

Earthquake – San Francisco t-shirt with a huge black line in the shape of the San Andreas fault superimposed on an outline of California. For effect, carry around a stereo (do these things still exist?) with the bass turned all the way up and play some dubstep next to unsuspecting fellow party-goers.

Monsoon –  Dress in warm-weather clothes and get very very wet. Periodically go re-drench yourself. The goal here is to leave puddles.

Lightning Strike – This one is all about static electricity, so leave your shoes at the door and shuffle your socks across the carpet. Dress in dark blue with a white stripe up the middle – straight to your hair, which should be gelled to stand on end. Shock people at will. Resist the temptation to draw a lightning scar on your forehead as this will likely confuse other party goers, especially if you’re male with black hair and glasses.

Northeastern Chainsaw Tree-trimmer – Not quite as scary as the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but you’ll be all set when the branches inevitably fall off of EVERYTHING in a few weeks because the unfallen wet leaves add undue weight and the trees can’t withstand gale force winds or blizzard conditions. Continue reading

Costume Dilemma 2012 (The End of the World)

22 Oct

No. Just… no.

Last year Circe and I unwittingly won the couple’s costume contest at a local Aeaea watering hole (and a $50 gift card!!).

But this year, not only do we have to top ourselves or face Facebook comparison humiliation, but the prize-stakes have been upped. Upped upped. WAY Upped.

The top prize this year? An all-expense-paid trip to Mexico for two.

We want this prize.

We will get this prize.



IF we can come up with a costume. (And we are getting down to the wire. Prizes are going down on Saturday.)

So far, we have found our creativity stifled by a combination of our previous success, the lack of doable trending topics and general ennui.

Some ideas we’ve had and rejected:

1. The Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus. Sadly, we were missing the third sister because Polly lives so damn far away.

2. Hipster Disney Princesses. I thought this would be AWESOME but Circe did not.

3. Bellas from Pitch Perfect. I was all set to memorize the Cup Song when I realized my cup skills after beer 4 will not necessarily correlate with those before beer 1.

4. Binders full of Women. Honestly, I still like this idea. But so will every other liberal woman in Aeaea. (My idea in case anyone wants to steal it: Long-sleeved t-shirt with iron-on screen prints of a long spine label on the sleeve and table of contents for women in business, politics, the kitchen, etc. on the front. Fascinator made out of crumpled notebook paper, pencils, pens, oversized binder/paper clips. It would be great, right? Riiight??)

5. A Pink Slip. Everyone’s talking about unemployment these days. Why not wear a pretty pink slip with a “you’re fired” sign? (Too slutty, even if we were ballerinas last year. Classy, not slutty. Classy.)

The party’s theme is End of the World. Any ideas?! We’d love some inspiration!

UPDATE: Of course, however many months (2? ish?) later, we come up with ideas. See: here.

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