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When your ex… Gets fresh with a Best Friend

18 Jan

haha not.

Collegiate alumni event tomorrow evening. Preceded as always by awkward attempts at making plans.


Thebes:  24 hours.

Prepare yourself.

 Penny:  For mediocre wine? I’ve long since become resigned.

Thebes:  I have low expectations – that’s why I rented a luxury hotel room for myself. I plan on retiring from the soiree early on, and luxuriating in my hot tub.

Penny: Not ok!
Polly: I’m… glad he’s talking to people?
Penny: Wait! There is more.

Thebes:  Preferably with a SUPERIOR glass of wine. Because yes, fermented grapes and superheated bathwater are a great combination.

Penny: ?!?!?!??!??!?!!!!!!!!!! http://s3.amazonaws.com/rapgenius/1333909320_72472619_disgusted_gif.gif
Polly: Ok yeah.
“I’m going to be drinking alone in my sweatwater. WhaddaYOUdoin?”
Penny: WHAT DO I SAY TO THIS INAPPROPRIATENESS??? I take it you are against me saying, “Hmmm. Yes, so I saw on your Facebook status to which we all pointedly didn’t respond. Twice.”

Thebes:  Nostalgia? Check. Hallucinations? Check.

 Penny:  Probably should get absinthe for the hallucinations. Never had that problem with wine.

Polly: There you go, deflect from the bath conversation.
Penny: Sweet Jesus I am uncomfortable. Are you SURE that I have to be nice to him this weekend, because I really would rather… Continue reading

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