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Misconceptions from our Liberal Arts Bubble

15 Jan

Just another Tuesday evening at homePenny: Have you seen this article? It makes me angry, but mostly because it seems pretty accurate.
Polly: I’m not sure. We’ve been asked on dates. I know men and women who are comfortable asking people on dates. I know men who will always offer to pay. But then again our social circle is probably a self-selecting bastion of people who fixate on the eighteenth century.



Penny: I think I found my theme song.
Polly: That is one of the Penniest songs ever. I’m not sure what mine would be but it would definitely be less cool.
Penny: I doubt anyone besides the two of us would refer to that song as “cool”.
Polly: Really? I don’t know about that. But I suppose our circle is also a self-selecting collection of people who appreciate the clever lyricisms of Cole Porter.

Other Things We Find Commonplace that May Not Represent Our Generation as a Whole:

  1. Bow ties aren't just for men. Don't be so heteronormative. Everyone appreciates British humo(u)r while acknowledging that female comedians of the Monty Python era were slighted in opportunities.
  2. Jokes about the lesser figures of the Bolshevik Revolution always hit. (Grigory Zinoviev and Lev Kamenev were totally the Rosencrantz and Guildenstern of the Soviet Union. Amiright?!)
  3. Wouldn’t it just be more fun to stay in with a few bottles of mid-range wine?
  4. Heyday Broadway singalongs are typical roadtrip fare.
  5. When given the choice between hard drugs and artisan cheese, the answer is always artisan cheese. (Though if the answer is a combination you damn well better compose a sonata about that gruyere.)
  6. The mentioning of Ethel Merman does not bring up images of an I Love Lucy costar. Because that was Ethel Mertz, you putz.
  7. Are we really starting that tired “religion offers societal virtues regardless of its illogical base or archaic value system” discussion AGAIN?
  8. Alternatively, are we really starting that tired “the value of aesthetic value” debate AGAIN?
  9. It is expected to note that there are fewer stairs in this house and one is, therefore, less winded. Any other phrasing will strike an odd, unpleasant chord.
  10. N.B. Latin phrases are a part of casual conversation. Ego corripit?!


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