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Perhaps a more significant milestone.

22 May

Life operates in cycles. Sometimes for whatever reasons you just find yourself in a slumpy place and eventually you have to come out of it. (Allie Brosh can describe it all in a much more amusing way than I will here. With illustrations. She’s amazing. I bow.)

Anyway! The other week I checked in on my progress with New Year’s resolutions, and my marks weren’t terribly high. But, no offense meant to the minds behind the Gregorian and Roman calendars, January 1st is rather arbitrary.

Two years and one day ago today the world didn’t end and Penny and I graduated from college. Without any concrete plans, I decided to defer my acceptance to a screenwriting program with the hopes of finding a fulfilling job before getting trapped in the grad school debt vortex.

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Since then I:

  • Was unemployed for a month and a half and lost my mind
  • Worked as a hoity-toity golf club bartender
  • Quit bartending to take an internship at a fancypants Store
  • Left that internship for an entry-level dream job
  • Officially declined the screenwriting MFA program
  • Moved out of my parent’s house
  • Ended a mostly dysfunctional relationship
  • Co-founded this blog which has done more for my sanity than any amount of collegiate counseling center talk therapy ever could.
  • Moved again (No Craigslist roommates from Hades! Woo!)
  • Entered a mostly functional relationship that brings me great happiness
  • Repaid loan debts to the Federal Parent Union

I could write more often. I could take on more projects. I could eat more healthily. I could try to work up to a half marathon. I could be the kind of responsible adult who throws out underwear when there is a hole in it and buys a new pair. But I can also recognize the great things going on.

Tonight I’m going to the crew wrap party for the second feature film I’ve been a part of since graduation. Maybe I’m not doing all that I can by New Year’s resolution standards to ensure the longevity of my mental and physical health, but it’s important to remember how good I’ve got it and how grateful I am.

And to end on the cheesiest of notes:

Thoughts on Gatsby: A definition of the word “adaptation”

8 May

According to the OED (that bastion of all things English language) an adaptation (n) is “the application of something to a particular end or purpose; the action of applying one thing to another or of bringing two things together so as to effect a change in the nature of the objects”.

Let’s get that one more time, shall we?

“The application of something to a particular end or purpose; the action of applying one thing to another or of bringing two things together so as to effect a change in the nature of the objects.”

Now for your Wednesday morning philosophical coffee break: if an adaptation is supposed to effect change in the nature of the objects, can there be such a thing as a faithful adaptation? And if there cannot, logically, be a faithful adaptation because then no change to either object would be effected, is it not reasonable to conclude that book-to-film adaptations are by their very definition precluded from being “faithful”, consequently leaving the disaffected English majors currently spewing their Baz Luhrmann-fueled vitriol all over the Interwebs floundering in bottomless pits of their own meaningless literary criticism? (As a former English person, myself, I say this with the greatest possible affection.)

Hate Gatsby. Love Gatsby. But do it as a film critic, not a literary critic. Because guess what? Gatsby isn’t a book! It’s a movie! With a pretty rockin’ and inventive soundtrack, flashy costumes and interesting cinematography.

I have tickets to see Gatsby at 7 pm on Friday evening, and I cannot wait. In the meantime I am avoiding all reviews and leave you with this observation: if you didn’t like Romeo + Juliet, you should probably go see Iron Man 5000 instead.

Cheers, to that.

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Pupfessors and unnecessary politeness

1 May

Have we established that I work with a bunch of old men scientists? Well, I do. It’s a lot like being Penny in the Big Bang Theory (hahhahha no, I only wish I looked like Kaley Cuoco), except instead of working at the Cheesecake Factory I actually work at the university and, instead of being an aspiring actress without a degree, I’m actually an aspiring communications professional with a rather good degree. The Sheldons and Kripkes? They don’t care because anything that isn’t science doesn’t impinge on their consciousnesses (hence why I have a job). But they do like my snappy fashion choices and lustrous brown curls, which my inner-feminist mostly only minds on alternate days or when unnecessarily provoked.

Friday I was just about to escape out the double doors and into the stairwell when… “Good evening, Ms. Lincoln.”

I turned around to see the source of the voice I knew all-too-well. (Why did I turn around? I turned around because I am polite. This politeness often gets me into awkward conversations at work. Keep reading.)

“Have a good weekend, Middle-Aged Male Coworker! I like the hair cut!” (Zeus damn it all to Hades. What possessed me to say that? Ah, right. Polite. I am polite. But, then again, wasn’t that unnecessarily polite and bordering on…. shudders …friendly?)

“You do?!” he made a bounding step in my direction. I shrank against the door, seeing my escape escape me. “Because most people don’t, they think it’s too short. But I like short hair for summer, you know? Do you really like it?? Do you?”

“I wouldn’t have said so otherwise (yes, yes I would), and it’s what you like that counts. Bye!”

You see, what they don’t tell you on the Big Bang Theory is that they created characters by exaggerating the individual personality quirks of the overall science research professor archetype. In real life, they each embody a little Leonard, a little Sheldon, a little Raj, a little Howard, etc. I call the characteristic exhibited above the Pupfessor, eager for praise in any area not his specialization.

“Good boy, don’t you look nice after your trip to the groomer?”

You like my hair? You do?! Source:

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