17 Apr

We all know how Polly feels about cheese. It’s about that time of year when “prom proposal” stories start popping up all over the place.

 When did this become a Thing? Am I the only person who didn’t go to high school on the CW?

 My 17 year old sister* is officially Too Cool for prom and will instead spend this adolescent rite of passage eating chips and watching Adventure Time. And as she will not be contributing a prom proposal story to the universe this year, I thought I’d re-contribute mine. It’s simply too adorable for the internet to miss out.

Once Upon a Time…

Around mid-April of 2006, Polly acquired her first boyfriend since kindergarten. We’ll call him Saxon, as he hailed from the UK and played a tenor sax; he was a year older and went to another school, both of which made him mysterious. Below is the 100% accurate recounting of their prom proposal AIM conversation:

pollydancesalot89: hey saxon!!!!! :-) how was ur tennis game?
saxonserious88: good
saxonserious88: but its called a match
pollydancesalot89: o lol
pollydancesalot89: i cant wait 2 c u on friday!! do you want to get pizza b4 we see mission impossible 3? i <3 garlic knots and tom cruise lolol
saxonserious88: actually i think we should talk
pollydancesalot89: k…
saxonserious88: i just dont really have those feelings for u anymore
pollydancesalot89: did i do something?
saxonserious88: no
pollydancesalot89: k…
pollydancesalot89: i already bought the prom tix tho
saxonserious88: i can still go w/u as friends
pollydancesalot89: k.
pollydancesalot89: thanx.
saxonserious88: u good?
pollydancesalot89 has signed off.

And they lived happily ever after.

($20 says you heard the AIM door slam noise in your head. You did. I know you did.)


*Who just got her driver’s license! Go Sissy!


3 Responses to “Promposals…?”

  1. farahcolette April 17, 2013 at 10:11 am #

    Is it bad that I’m laughing?

    • Hippolyta (Polly) April 17, 2013 at 10:19 am #

      Of course not! That’s our goal! What’s the use of collecting horrible life/dating stories if we can’t laugh at them?

  2. Can I Get ur Number?? April 17, 2013 at 11:23 am #

    Reblogged this on Can I Get Ur Number? and commented:
    It’s prom season!!! Let’s let some prom stories out :) Leave it to these two to create yet another genius word… ‘promposals’ AHHHH I just love you guys. I’ll be posting my prom experience tomorrow, thanks for the inspiration!

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