MIASGA, or, Rebounds

18 Feb

Alert the presses – Molly is a Single Girl Again. Who saw that coming?

Sometimes, you just have to listen to your gut. Clearly my outlet here about nothing but what great fun I would have if I were a single gal was indicative of how I was feeling about being Partnered. I finally pulled the plug and while the water slowly, slowly circles the drain of apartment hunting, crying, yelling, and still sharing a bed, I am turning to you, dear readers. It sucks, it hurts, I’m a big ol’ mess but we like to keep things light here at P and P. So we’re going to talk rebounds. Sweet, beautiful, sloppy rebounds.

A DMMF of Polly and I (A Different MMF, not to be confused with The MMF) lives in a city that’s an airplane ride away from my city. I needed to get the hell out of town and booked a last minute long weekend with DMMF, hoping to see a certain BFF of DMMF. I’d met BFF of DMMF once before; we shared a couch and snuggles back in my good ol’ single days. We both suffer from the horrible disorder of NGW (No Game Whatsoever) so nothing happened back then but a lot of sexual tension and Thinking (as I am wont to do). He is cute, smart, talented, and far away from me. The perfect rebound.

I told DMMF that I’d love to see said BFF. He came over. *Pol, take note that DMMF is one killer wingman if you should ever require his services.* We spent a night snuggling on a couch, once again. We spent the next night snuggling on a couch and hesitating until finally the stars aligned and we both pretended to have game for just one instant and took what is probably the lamest risk ever – the Kiss. The NGW disorder kicked in promptly after 30 seconds leading to such mid-make-out pillow talk gems as (in chronological order, not disclosing who said which because they are mostly me and that’s just too embarrassing):

“You have bony shoulders”

“You have a cute face and I like it”

“Are you a lefty?”

Uncontrollable giggle fit #1

“I must confess, I’m a mouth breather.”

Conversation about how hard it is to take compliments about one’s artistic talents

Uncontrollable giggle fit #2

“Are you tired?” “I’m like, 20% awake at this point”

“I haven’t made out on someone’s couch in forever”

Trust that there were plenty more; a lady does need to keep some secrets. All in all it was a little sloppy, it was a lot hilarious, and it was The Best. As I type this from 25,000 feet I am already looking at flights and ignoring impending credit debt to have another rendez-vous with BFFoDMMF and looking forward to the next installment of Molly’s Merry Mishaps.

Ah, P and P / The World, Molly is BACK ON THE MARKET.


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