Gift giving – a gene that passes most men by

20 Dec
Too bad it's so expensive.

This. She DEFINITELY wants this.

Brother-in-Law: (SMS) Do you think your sister would like to go to a Bon Jovi Concert?

Penny: (Internal reaction) AHH haaha HAahahha bahahahahahahaha. Have you met your wife? (Actual SMS) Ummm. I have never heard her say anything about Bon Jovi, so probably not? What does he sing?

Sister: What’s that face for?

Penny: Uhhhhh noooooooooothing.

BIL: (SMS) Ok. It’s My Life, Wanted Dead or Alive, Livin’ on a Prayer.

Penny: (Internal reaction) Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so this is a gift for you. (Actual SMS) Hmmm. For what? I’m not sure concerts are really her thing (they’re kinda loud and it’s hard to hear). I know she likes intimate venues like that one where you saw Sara Bareilles.

Sister: Seriously. WHAT is that FACE?

Penny: It’s nothing. One of my friends is in the midst of a misguided attempt at last minute shopping.

BIL: (SMS) True. The dryer buzzed.


Penny: Sorry I wasn’t much help… you probably know her musical tastes better than I do at this point.

BIL: Oh it’s ok. I just saw she had a Bon Jovi CD.

Penny: Mmmmm. One CD? Well, thanks for letting me know the dryer buzzed! Good luck – she’s difficult to buy for… I should know, I’ve been doing it for a loooooooooooong time.

Later still

Penny: (SMS) Ohhhhh god. BIL asked me if I thought Sister would like tickets to see Bon Jovi…

Circe: (SMS) He’s screwed.

Penny: (SMS) Yup. Especially since she got him a Kindle Fire.

Next Day


Subject: Just some thoughts

  • One of those meet-the-winemaker, personalized tour things?
  • Plan a weekend getaway during which she doesn’t have to decide anything – not where to go, what to do, what to eat, etc.
  • New (painted) kitchen aid mixer. She has mentioned the pink one, I think. But would probably like any color that would go in her kitchen and is not boring. Go with a six quart bowl. Pretty sure she loves this one, but it’s tres expensive and she would almost definitely kill you for spending that much money and me for encouraging it. The pink one and some of the other colors are probably available at Khols, Bed Bath and Beyond, etc.
  • Something little:
  • How is her lanyard for her work ID’s holding up?
  • Devise a way to get her more counter space (is there some way to hang some of the stuff that’s sitting on the counter now? like baskets for the fruits and veggies?) and she’ll probably be your slave for life. (Would this fit anywhere? Is there any way to utilize the space over the sink? Or under the cabinets?)
  • Spa day – mani/pedi, massage, facial, etc.
  • Birchbox – $10/mo. beauty product samplers delivered to your door.
  • There is always that jewelry store*…
Sorry I can’t be more helpful! She’s tough.


*Lesson learned: He didn’t pay attention to the email I sent back in early November about the jewelry store that makes custom pieces that she has mentioned SEVERAL times.


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