End of the World Party Costume Ideas

12 Dec

(For Honors Students, Obvi)

In memory of the man who compiled 500 years of history in a book we were supposed to digest but used to decoupage shelves instead. Honors students everywhere will continue to not miss you, Jacques Barzun.*

Judeo-Christian Costumes
4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse… is trite, but we need to throw it out there. We suggest those stick ponies because who doesn’t want a stick pony?! Otherwise, maybe a mop would work. Just no Swiffers.
Limbo… Pickup line for the evening: how low can you go? Attach a long pole to a hat, stand still and don’t move at the party to avoid clocking anyone. Maybe get low on the dancefloor after everyone has had too much to drink; this has the potential to be a highly amusing and entertaining costume for all involved.
The Rapture… Carry around a pair of shoes and sit them on the floor next to you and tell people they used to be your very pious <<Aunt, Grandmother, Boss, etc.>> until the Rapture. When they don’t believe you, poison their drinks with cyanide in hopes of instigating their divine judgment. (Bonus points: liquid nitrogen smoke whisping above the shoes.)

Costumes of Historical or Literary Significance
Nostradamus… Wear a beret, only speak in incorrectly spelled Quatrains, and almost predict the future.
Plague… Because we’re not dead yet!
Orson Wells… He narrated that super awesome radio broadcast of “The War of the Worlds” that scared a bunch of people shitless back in the ‘30s. Bald cap, bug eyes, Rosebud on your dying breath.

Pagan Costumes
The Three Fates… Dress in black, carry an unravelling tapestry, cackle maniacally while snipping party goers’ life threads.
Elysium (all the heros)… This is for history bros, obvi. Who wouldn’t want to be all of the most famous Greek heroes? CGI your chest and abs.
Styx… As in the river, but you should go as the rock band and sing “Come Sail Away” all night. (Or wear waves and a canal boat while carrying a long pole and still singing “Come Sail Away” all night.)

Nostalgic For Former Centuries Before The World Was Really Ending Costumes
Y2K… Call your friends’ landlines first to make sure they’ll be on AIM later. Don’t forget those Sketchers, Chumbawumba CDs, and Fruit by the Foot rolls.
Chernobyl…  Paint yourself with highlighters and grow a few extra limbs.
Duck and Cover… This costume comes with a built in party game: every time someone flickers the lights, HIT THE FLOOR.
Chicken Little (related to Duck and Cover)… Dress like a chicken and run around yelling “the sky is falling, the sky is falling!”

Costumes of Cinematic Significance
Beyond Thunderdome… Because everyone saw that Mel Gibson post-apocalyptic movie sequel, right? …Right? Dress like Tina Turner after winning a fight with a weed wacker and keep chanting “TWO MEN ENTER, ONE MAN LEAVES.” Everyone will totally get it.
Armageddon… Couple’s costume! One wears a belt covered with rocks (asteroids) and the other carries a cordless power drill.
The Day the Earth Stood Still… Dress up as a giant robot and KILL EVERYTHING that gets too close to you or your friends. But if anyone says “Klaatu barada nikto” you have to behave.
2012… Dig out the hat/headband/glasses from last NYE. You know, the one(s) that say(s) 2012?

For other party ideas, please see our Theme Parties for Honors Students. They’re pretty awesomely nerdy. (And the planning is thorough. Trust us.)

*But thanks again for the little tip about Moliere being the son of the upholsterer to the Spanish court because now everyone wants me to be on their Trivial Pursuit team. Love, Penny

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