Laura Linney answered the phone. Would you?

16 Nov

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, dear readers! Love Actually is in season!*

There are thousands of paeans to it’s wonderfulness each November and December, including this latest lively and amusing contribution on HelloGiggles.

“I bet Sam grew up to be a dude who really respected women — not so much airports, but definitely women — and had fantastic relationships, courtesy of the rules taught to him by his mom and Liam Neeson.”


“Emma Thompson being cooler than all of us.”

ALSO SO TRUE. (The ‘always and forever’ is implied.)

“But Carl, maybe stick around? That’s another thing. Like, obviously Laura Linney needs to SERIOUSLY set some boundaries, but also, if Carl really liked Laura Linney, maybe they could make this work together? Why couldn’t you stick around, Carl? I know it’s red flag central, but it’s not like Laura’s on the phone with her drug dealer — it’s her mentally ill sibling who she takes care of. I’m just saying that sometimes life’s complicated, so what’s up with flying the coop, C-Dawg.”


Of course, now we have to have a conversation here on P&P about this scene to end all scenes that is the crux of why this movie became the movie that all other ensemble cast movies aspire to be – this ensemble cast movie makes you think about what you would do for lurrrrrrrrrrrrve and how that lurve influences your use of italics.

Does Valentine’s Day make you think about the nature of love? NO. You’re just happy that Bradley Cooper and McSteamy kiss and make up. Do we think big thoughts about becoming better people at the end of New Year’s Eve? NO. We just wonder if Lea Michele could possibly get her mouth open any wider. What was the point of What to Expect When You’re Expecting? No one even knows. Anna Kendrick was cute. He’s Just Not that Into You? You pass as an enjoyable film. (EXCEPT for the fact that you totally caved to convention and even though “You are my exception” totally melts my heart each and every time the Mac Guy utters it, I also want to throw the DVD player into the wall because the point, Hollywood, was that there ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.)

But back to super hot hook-up v. mentally disabled brother whom you love and to whom you are everything and everyone.

Behold, our (mostly unfiltered) thoughts.

Polly: uggghhhh I mean
I’d answer the phone.
Circe: No way.
Penny: I would probably answer it the first time.
Polly: I have boundary issues.
Circe: You guys. HAVE YOU SEEN HIM? NO. F***ING. WAY. Turn off the phone; get down to business. (Ed. Note: Video link NSFW. You’ve been warned.)
Penny: Person I love > hot sex. Once I’d established there was no emergency, however… ringer = silenced.
Circe: But he’s in a home. If something were really wrong they would call, not him. And the reason he is there is so that she doesn’t have to watch him 24/7. AND, most importantly, CARL IS SO HOT. But also he didn’t have to be a douche and leave. I didn’t really think about that before, and it is a good point.
Polly: I’m not one to downplay the importance of intense physical encounters, but she is his person! It’s not about emergency versus non-emergency. Emotionally, her brother needs her!
Penny: Doesn’t your mother take advantage of your bleeding heart?? She calls you from your sister’s cell.
Polly: Yes. And I still answer. Every time.
Circe: Emotionally Laura Linney needs hot man up in there.
Penny: Umm. Circe? You’re confusing emotional and physical again…
Circe: I spoke correctly.

*Polly firmly maintains that holidays should wait their turn. Love, Actually will be in season on 11/23.

4 Responses to “Laura Linney answered the phone. Would you?”

  1. Alli November 17, 2012 at 4:19 pm #

    May I note that I fully support Polly’s assessment of the timeliness of this film. Thanksgiving deserves it’s due. It is, after all, the greatest holiday of the year.

    • Ephesos (Effie) November 17, 2012 at 7:46 pm #

      False. Love, Actually is a movie about LOVE more than it is about Christmas and, therefore, I say it is an all-seasons movie.

    • Hippolyta (Polly) November 18, 2012 at 4:48 pm #

      Thank you Alli, we need to stand strong. Anyone rushing Thanksgiving out of its season is frankly un-American.

    • Sotorya (Tory) December 4, 2012 at 1:28 pm #


      Holidays each deserve their time in the sun!

      Also…yeah. I would answer the phone. I also am in need of boundaries.

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