Penny’s Weekend Grocery Wish List

9 Nov

Hi, Pol!

So… I know that mostly we are going out to dinner because that’s the way life worked out. BUT. You mentioned cooking a nice lunch on Sunday before I have to catch my bus of doom back to [MY CITY].

Can we go to Trader Joe’s? Can we? Can we????

Because I have an ingredients wish list, the items on which Sister and BIL have vehemently vetoed.

  • Kale. It’s all the rage and I really enjoy it sauteed with a little garlic. Let’s play with it! Maybe a salad?
  • Spaghetti squash. I mean, really. Pasta without the calories? SO MUCH POTENTIAL. (Martha agrees!)
  • Brussels sprouts. I need to make my roasted Brussels sprouts for you because they are delicious.
  • Pomegranate Seeds for our breakfast yogurt because I somehow have still not tried these?
  • Organic, Fair Trade coffee of some sort that I will buy you because it is my life’s blood


Penny, the rabbit

P.S. It is my favorite time of the year. The NY Times Interactive Vegetarian Thanksgiving is BACK. That Jalapeno Spoon Bread? It needs to get in my mouth yesterday.

(Ed. Note: OF COURSE WE CAN GO TO TRADER JOE’S to pick up your ridiculous rabbit food that I’m sure will actually be delicious. But we also have to get MY favorite Trader Joe’s product: Intentionally oblong “Dunkers” cookies that fit into any sized glass of milk. -Polly)

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