8 Nov

The internet is a funny place. We’ve written a weird amount of personal things on here that we don’t share with the majority of our friends, all in hopes that a few of you strangers will click like when you’re done reading.

Penny – Damnit Pol, someone liked my post and I got all excited, but then I saw it was just YOU.
Polly – Sorry! I genuinely enjoy that Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen will be playing the innkeepers in Les Mis! Seriously, they are the best character actors of our time!!!
Penny – And I appreciate that. I do. But I want strangers to liiiiiiike uuuusssss.
Polly – I know, Pen. Me too.

And vise versa! We feel close to other blog writers we’ve never met, just by following their love lives and awkward encounters through this here host site.

But we don’t know each other and we can’t hug you when times are hard (well, Penny would abstain anyway) or high five you when you hit it off with your hot neighbor or clear the microwave when you tell us it’s your biggest pet peeve or pat you on the back when you create remarkable pieces of artwork.

So we made a blogroll instead. (Blog hugs! Blugs? Hogs!)

Big thanks to our stranger followers who affirm our attention-craving, shallow, needy souls. Take some time to affirm these folks, too!

  • Ryan and Sarah at Can I Get ur Number are always good for a laugh and a little insight into the travails of the twenty-something dating scene. (Weird request: Ryan, if we sent you pics would you binary rate us??)
  • Since we are awkward all over everything most of the time, we really appreciate the creative and awkward stylings of One Awkward Year.
  • Penny feels a special affinity for Gen Y Girl, as she spills liquid on brand new Apple products with alarming frequency. (Sensing a trend here?)
  • Farah Colette is witty and well traveled. What more can you ask for?
  • But it’s not all lady bloggers. Tired of Pinterest? We guarantee that the pictures on Patrick Latter’s hiking photography blog are more than worth the visit.

We have a few favorites outside the WordPress community, too.

  • Brown Eyed Baker. Just. YUM.
    So How’s it Taste. Four words: sweet potato chili mac.
  • The Hairpin. (Ladies First!) ((Though there have been disappointingly few A Clean Person posts of late.))
  • The Awl. With a tagline like “be less stupid,” how could we NOT love them?

Any suggestions for us, readers? We will read almost anything that is not Anna Karenina.

2 Responses to “Blove.”

  1. Can I Get ur Number?? November 9, 2012 at 6:53 pm #

    oooommmggggg we love you!! I’m going to show this to Ryan :) HAPPY FRIDAY LOVELIES!!

  2. farahcolette November 12, 2012 at 5:25 pm #

    Awh, I just saw this! Sorry, I know I’m more a silent creeper on your blog but I’m so flattered, you two ladies have me in stitches regularly, and I wish I could exchange texts on a subway with you. Muchas mercis!!! ;) x

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