Well there goes my yacht dream.

23 Oct

Slate reports that the popular kids from high school make more money as adults.

Time to cross those luxury indulgences off my future fortune wish list.

“He-ey girls! I was just looking through our high school yearbook, reminiscing about all the AMAZING times we had together. Remember when we all wore matching baby tees for Senior Spirit Day? Remember when we had that party after the big football game and didn’t invite any of the theater nerds and drank a lot of Zima and it was AWESOME? Okay, well anyway. I just read this study from the National Bureau of Economic Research and now I understand why I am rolling in dough.”

Nope. My friends and I went laser-bowling on Saturdays and we put prominent Bolshevik revolutionaries* in the computer for our player names. I was usually Zinoviev or Kamenev. Yes, I’m absolutely serious.

*Mel Brooks, should you wish to follow up Springtime for Hitler with Bowling Bolsheviks! feel free to contact me via this blog for rights.

One Response to “Well there goes my yacht dream.”

  1. Alli October 24, 2012 at 7:17 pm #

    I was the other one of the Zinoviev/Kamenev pair! You know, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern of Russia ;) And I would totally watch Bowling Bolsheviks.

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