Too Awkward for Life (Part 2)

18 Oct

Now THAT is a woman who should inspire some awkwardness.

So yesterday I was sitting eating lunch and reading Anna Karenina when awkwardness happened between me and one of the graduate students (Lunch Buddy) where I work.

Today? Today I had a fool-proof plan. I would not only be reading AK, pen in hand, but I would also be wearing my headphones and listening to the new ZZ Ward album (which is great, btw).

Note: I just wanted to sit outside, read my book, eat my lunch and enjoy the beautiful fall weather. I am not and do not consider myself to be anything even remotely approaching a femme fatale. Regardless of what Polly says, I have no wiles! None! No wiles here. Just a girl with her book in the sunshine. (Unlike the beauteous Garbo at left, for example.)


Polly: ????

Penny: There was ANOTHER too-awkward-for-life moment.

Polly: Storiezzzz


I am sitting


pen in hand


Lunch Buddy stops by…

“Hey, I just wanted to apologize…”

“No! It’s fine!”

“Not for asking you out… but for being awkward.”

Polly: Dear Zeus.

Penny: “No, really. I feel bad – it was me. I was the awkward one.”

“Well, I don’t want to reinforce the Big Bang Theory stereotype and not to be more awkward, but…”

“I think we’ve established that we’re both awkward humans, and it probably can’t get worse.”

“Well, I made something for you.”

Polly: Uh oh

Penny: “…”

“Awhile ago.”


“Have you seen Amelie?”

“No, but I really should.”

Polly: Stop bewitching men with your wiles, Penny.

Penny: “Well, they do this thing… and I kinda do it too… with these like little romantic…”


“But then I started dating this girl. And it didn’t work out. And that’s why I never… back… Well. Anyway, I was going to leave it in your mailbox, but I didn’t want to be creepy. So, here…”

He hands me an envelope.

“Ahhh..” accept the envelope. “Thank you. I really am sorry.”


“Have a good afternoon.”

You guys.

I opened the envelope.

And on the fold was written “never give up on your dreams”.

The sheet of paper? The sheet was a photo-shopped print out of the New Yorker Website with my name in the byline of a story about surviving amidst the crazy physicists.

Polly: hahaha awwwwwwwwww but hahaha

Penny: This is maybe the sweetest thing anyone has EVER done for me.




How am I the most awkward?



Polly: I repeat: stop bewitching men with your wiles.

Circe: Uhhh. I think I missed something. I haven’t read P&P in a few days.

Penny and Polly: You haven’t WHAT?!

“A pulchritudinous girl maintains sanity among a kaleidoscope of mad scientists.” He thinks I’m PULCHRITUDINOUS. Just. So many layers of sweet.

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