Group Google – Revision on Crack

17 Oct

Can you tell who said what? Because we sure as hell can’t. 


[Google Doc to revise bio for Circe from ages ago that we just stumbled upon.]

Unrelated but kinda related- Can Circe do a Q and A with me about OKCupid? I’m curious and totally clueless
Why can’t polly type anymore?? Can you move your cursor? Testing Testing.

YES! Well, if Cissy wants to…? (She is not paying attention to us…)


ACK I CAN’T GET MY CURSOR AHEAD OF POLCAUSE I’M SUPER FAST YOself important CEO sitting behind me…waiting for him to get off the phone
we’ll stop


Pol! Come back!!

she can definitely do an ok cupid q and a!
and in regards to this bio thing…is coz referring to ok cupid? (GOD INCONGRUITY!) i know
no wait
eros is roman? I iz confuzzled yea i think cupid is greek?oop no. roman y’all erotes is the greek one

THAT MAKES SENSE. hahaha i like that solution, pennifer.(hahahhaha) gracias should it be SHOUTY?did you get shouty from 50 shades lol? maybe? ugh LATERS, BABYbahaha(that really is catching.)I KNOW. It gives me the heeby jeebies sometimes when you say it. like the Eros or no?yes it’s pleasingly parallel why can i never spell parallel??? it’s like judgment CONGRATS! (I can’t spell that one, either) or bureaucracy My Can’t Spell Word is bourgeoise OH HEY I DID IT

All chats should be in an open doc format. So much more fun.Agreed!! But I guess to get back on topic, I really like your bio!!thanks! it actually kinda feels good to write something again/use my brain…can’t say i do that too often anymore haha RIGHT? And yeah, maybe [WICKED HOT PROFESSOR] wouldn’t be crazy about us whining about boys but whatever. It feels great to be writing. oh [WHP WHO MOONLIGHTS AS A WINE CONNOISSEUR], how i miss him…


Shortly after the above we discovered the GoogleDoc Chat function. It helped immensely but was not nearly so fun. 


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