David Cassidy knows some stuff.

17 Oct

“I Think I Love You” is one of those songs that will always carry a very clear sensory memory for me. I must have been ten or eleven, and I was in the car with my mom and two other mother/daughter combos from my competitive dance team. After a long day at StarQuest or StarPower or ShowStoppers (all dance competition junkets start with “S”) we packed up our makeup caboodles, costume racks, and ribbon bears* and piled into some mother’s minivan.

Since this was well before the days of iPods and only kind of the days of car cd players, The Moms turned the radio to the oldies station while We Girls settled in for some unison eye-rolling. Most of the car conversation revolved around catty dance gossip UNTIL! David Cassidy came on the air and all our mothers instantly He looks like a girl. Our moms were insane. turned into angsty teenagers, belting along with their favorite Partridge and begging an answer from no one in particular:


That’s not what love sounds like, thought ten-or-eleven-year-old Polly. It was too minor, had too much moody synth organ, too much conflict for luuurve. Love isn’t about “screaming out the words I dread”! Love is a simple, major, slow-dance song in five part harmony with a dance break. Duh. Moms are so weird. Love was whether or not Rick was going to ask me to the Fifth Grade Dance or if Travis would ever stop stealing my blueberry-Bubblicious scented erasers. Not any of this “knocking at my brain” internal argument stuff.

Well. Present day Polly recently had a hankerin’ for some Partridge Family and boy is this so-bad-it’s-AMAZING pop song spot on (because [we] think [we like] you).

Out-of-Context Gchat Snippets Poetically Spliced with the Timeless Words of David Cassidy:

Penny – This would be so much easier if I didn’t enjoy being alone so much. It’s so much easier. I don’t need him, you know?

I’m sleeping, and right in the middle of a good dream
Like all at once I wake up from something that keeps knocking at my brain.
Before I go insane I hold my pillow to my head,
And spring up in my bed shouting out the words I dread.

Penny – So what did you say back??!?!?!
Polly – I couldn’t say anything! I just kissed him and hoped he wouldn’t notice!

This morning I woke up with this feeling
I didn’t know how to deal with, and so I just decided to myself:
I’d hide it to myself and never talk about it,
And would not go and shout it when you walked into the room.

Polly – So, I’ve put a lot of emotional stock into things that haven’t worked out and I’ve been disappointed. But overall I think I’m a pretty functional person and I’ll be able to handle myself. I might as well see if this one goes right.

Believe me, you really don’t have to worry,
I only want to make you happy
And if you say “Hey, go away!” I will.
But I think better still I better stay around and love you.


Isn’t that what life is made of?

This blogosphere post of happiness brought to you by P&P.

And FINE. I love all the songs my mom made me listen to in the car until I was old enough to change the radio presets. I love “Sherry” and “I Got You Babe” and “Burnin’ Love” and “Come See About Me”. I love them. OK. MOM?

Enjoy this discotrash remix:

*Only in the world of prepubescent competitive dance: Ribbon Bears are teddy bears that wear your 1st place ribbons and pins like necklaces and earrings. The more decked out your bear, the more legit you were.


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