When your ex posts…

1 Oct

utterly witless things on Facebook, you might call into question the objectivity of your perception during your time together.

Polly: Someone needs to remove Thebes from Facebook. Not just my Facebook. Facebook in general. Did you see his latest post?*
Penny: SERIOUSLY? Why would anyone feel the need to post something that pointless? The only reason I’m still friends with him is to foil his asinine attempts to spoil your life.
Polly: His posts weren’t this bad when we were together, right? Am I flattering myself by thinking I was a good influence or do I not remember his idiocy because I was blinded by lurve?
Penny: Blinded, definitely.
Polly: I love you for your reality checks.
Penny: I love you for your ability to be blinded.
Polly: I’m just far too easily influenced by men who compliment me.

Hypothetical Man: That dress looks nice.
Hypothetical Me: I COULD LOVE YOU.

Penny: Sigh. Aren’t we all?

*Today, I was made aware of a feminist movement trying to ‘de-sexualize’ breasts.
Women of Earth, I wish you the best in ALL of your endeavors.
Whether or not you succeed in desexualizing your bodies, I doubt you’ll ever desexualize those of us who love them.

“Hey Thebes, I heard there was some drama at the pickup basketball game.”
“Well a girl on the skins team got knocked over, so I tried to cushion her fall with my face.”
“I see.”

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