The Little Things- Switching up my routine

14 Sep

We aren’t terribly forthcoming about identifying details here at P & P but that’s mostly so we can tell you the really juicy stuff without making ourselves undateable. (Full disclosure: this post is not so juicy.) But that means you don’t know too much about our respective places of gainful employment. My job is the best ever. I love it. But it involves a lot of sitting in a room without windows and taking notes and not noticing that weather happens. Thinking back, I don’t think I wore a coat once this winter because the most exposure I had to the elements was the fifteen-foot walk from my door to my car. My umbrella could be anywhere. And now that the sun is setting earlier I only really see daylight during my morning jog or seven-minute drive to work. Everyone here likes to joke about our vitamin D deficiencies but it can get more than a bit monotonous.

O Rapturous turn of events! Today I didn’t have to work through lunch! What an unexpected and serendipitous occasion! At long last a respite from staring at glowing rectangles! So to take full advantage of this glorious rarity I decided to do something really wild. I went to the nearest town (my office building is extremely isolated) to MAIL SOMETHING!* And then I picked up some lunch to-go from NOT THE CAFETERIA! And for perhaps ten minutes the SUN MADE CONTACT WITH MY SKIN.

Of course, running errands in the middle of the day is hardly the most exciting way I could have spent a free hour. But even this minute change in routine was enough to turn my mood around. And instead of spending the slower part of the afternoon absentmindedly refreshing my favorite blogs, I’m taking time to appreciate the little things that usually slip by me. Including but not limited to:

-Seeing the sun in the middle of the work day.
-Noticing that I’m 100% not sick right now! (Everyone notices when they’re ill but how often do you take time to notice not being ill? I am not ill. My lungs are so happy.)
-Sipping this tasty iced vanilla coffee that I purchased from Not the Cafeteria.
-Knowing that for the first time in YEARS I don’t currently have any major car issues! (Dear Zeus I hope I didn’t just jinx everything)
-Appreciating all of the lovely friends who keep me company on GChat during the day.

So thank you folks for enduring Cheesy Polly. She’s just in a happy place and wanted to share!

*Sorry (but not very sorry) your birthday card will be a bit late, Pen!


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