Plenty to vote for this November

5 Sep

…Just maybe not POTUS. (Because, let’s face it, the electoral college is stupid and only three or four states really matter anyway.) 

I do not get a vote in one of those states that “matter” this November.

Which started me wondering: Self, does it even matter if you vote (aside from complaining rights)? Going to the polls is awfully inconvenient because Work and Driving and Traffic…

Then I started looking into the special questions and state-wide referendums due to show up on ballots this November. And let me tell you, some of them are doozies.

A smattering of reasons to vote, even if you could care less about the Presidential election:

California: The Death Penalty

Colorado: Marijuana Legalization

Florida: Abortion

Maryland: Same-sex Marriage

Minnesota: Same-sex Marriage

Montana: Proof of Citizenship

Washington: Same-sex Marriage

In other news, Michelle did well last night and I still want her arms.


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