Not your average toga party

4 Sep

We here at P&P generally abhor lists. BUT.

We give you…

Theme Parties for Former Honors Students

Symposium. Drinks: Wine served in frisbees painted to look like Ancient Greek drinkware. Games: Seven minutes in Eudaimonia.

Polly: HAHAHAHA. Oh! I love it. I’m going to spend the rest of the day thinking of more and none will be as good as that.
Penny: Thank you for getting me when the people who birthed me only stare in befuddlement and sometimes abject horror. Also…

The Alfred Kinsey. Drinks: Sex on the beach. Games: Spin the bottle, Kill-F***-Marry, Cosmo quizzes. Party will be BYOM (Bring Your Own Mattress).

Magical Realism. Drinks: Tia Maria and Tequila. Games: Six Degrees of Separation.

The Inquisition. Drinks: Communion wine. Games: 20 Questions.

Dark Ages. Drinks: Ale. Games: Kings.

Irish Famine. Drinks: Jameson. Games: Hot potato. Food: Babies.

Penny: HAHAHHAHHAhahahhahaHAHHAHahaha. <3 Swift.

Manifest Destiny, or The Donner Party. Drinks: Corpse Reviver. Games: Oregon Trail. Food: Each other.

Penny: Ok Pol, enough cannibalism.

Industrial Revolution/Robber Barons/Captains of Industry. Drinks: Goldschlager, Charcoal-filtered vodka . Games: Monopoly.

Evolution. Drinks: Brass Monkey. Games: Life.

Red Scare. Drinks: Manhattan (comma PROJECT). Games: Manhunt.

Imperialism. Drinks: Hoegaarden, Champagne, tea. Games: Risk.

Polly: I want to go to all of these.
Penny: Let’s host all of these.

Edgar Allan Poe. Drinks: Red Death, Martell cognac, Italian wine. Games: Clue.

Postmodernism. Drinks: BYO because everything is relative. Games: Party planning is the party.

WWII. Drinks: Atomic Bomb, Kamikaze. Games: Capture the Flag.

Impressionism. Drinks: Van Gogh espresso vodka, Absinthe. Games: Pictionary

Psychoanalysis. Drinks: Hard liquor (or, whatever it takes to shut up the Superego). Games: Truth or Dare, Taboo.


Space Race. Drinks: Cosmos. Games: Red Rover (GET IT?)

Feminism. Drinks: Banshee. Games: Girl Talk.

Titanic. Drinks: Iceberg (Yes, this is a thing). Games: Marco Polo.


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  1. farahcolette September 4, 2012 at 11:58 pm #

    Reblogged this on farah colette and commented:
    I have a lot to post about, and will in due course, but this is too funny not to share in the meantime. Plus, its been a while since we’ve had a laugh around here. X, F.

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