Which Disney™ Characters are We?

29 Aug

All of us Amazons at P & P are complex and nuanced. So we let ourselves pick three. Who are you??

CirceBelle (I enjoy sticking my nose in a book to escape the mundane reality of actual life and cleverly avoid meatheads who make it their plan to woo me, sometimes talk to inanimate objects… she is French; I want to be French…); Ursula (I long to have my own evil minions like Flotsam and Jetsam, except more intelligent and diabolical… like one of these guys. We both dislike redheaded sluts – well in my case the drink. Neither of us underestimates the importance of BODY LANGUAGE, HAH!); Jasmine (really, I just want my own pet tiger. The similarities end there. Although I also wouldn’t mind possessing a darker skin tone and more exotic look.)

MollyDory (because I’m a little spazzy but I have a good heart, plus a weird memory f or random stuff. Also, Ellen Degeneres.); Mulan (I am a badass feminist warrior queen, I’d do anything for my family and I enjoy sticking it to the man. I also seem to find myself in male-dominated workplaces these days.); and Mrs. Potts (Underneath it all I’m a responsible and protective mama bear. Erm, pot).

PennyTiana (as I am a practical dreamer who bakes and sings and would totally open my own restaurant if that were not the absolute worst investment decision anyone could ever make because do you know how many of those fail??); Eeyore (there is a little black rain cloud that follows me most places; his name is Fred); and Maleficent (for our mutually scary poise and, or so I’ve been told, intimidating air. But also I wear a lot of black and like capes – but tasteful capes, like fashion capes, not capes that a certain Thebian ex of Polly’s might wear to dances with a certain cane because he’s a certain kind of dumb).

PollyAriel (yeah maybe my dreams are a little out there but that won’t stop me. If only I could find Eric and his perfect hair on my way up the company ladder.); Nani from Lilo and Stitch (being an older sister informs almost all of my life decisions, and I’ll usually put responsibilities above enjoying myself even when it makes me a giant stick in the mud and sometimes I fight with aliens); and Jessica Rabbit (I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way. And I’m helplessly attracted to a man who makes me laugh).

ToryRapunzel (we’ve both got that upbeat personality and ridiculous optimism thing going); Belle (I am also an intelligent woman who doesn’t quite fit in, and quite frankly my greatest talent is being able to walk and read at the same time); and Captain America (Disney owns Marvel so I don’t even want to hear it. I’ll whack you with my shield for your unjust thoughts).


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