Penny’s lookin’ pretty good (for 80)

10 Aug
Polly:  Just go out with your friends. You either make fun of guys who are ugly, or you flirt with guys who aren’t.
Penny:  But that’s the thing – you can’t. Because it is SO loud, no one can hear you.
Polly: Just go out with your friends.
Penny: And then random men appropriate me for the space of a song or several songs, and I feel like I have to let them because everyone else is having fun and UGH.
Polly:  Just go out with your friends.
Penny: It’s like that time I went out with Circe when we were both living on Aeaea. With those sailors? Cissy wanted to go out, so we went. And she landed a nice little guppy, but his friend thought he was like the shiny light bulb part of an angler fish or something. Did I tell you that he BIT me??! And anyway, I put up with it because I could tell Circe was having fun…
Polly: Just go out with your friends.
Penny: It’s not that I hate being a good wing-woman – I don’t! I take pride in being a good friend!
Polly: Like that time you shot me instead of the deer…? Except for that time??
Polly: I know.
Penny: Anyway. I hate strangers and new people and bars and loudness and OHMYZEUS I AM EIGHTY.
Penny:  I’d rather embroider.
Penny: And I hate needlepoint.
Penny still hasn’t decided if she’s going out.
Also, sometimes the Internet is SO apropos.

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