Anecdotes – Adventures with Car Dude

7 Aug

Smiling faces tell lies. Car Disaster, Day 1. Polly charitably drives her friend to the bus station. Suddenly and without warning she hears the ear-assaulting sound of relentless jackhammering. Upon realizing the sound is coming from her engine, she wisely keeps driving in the hopes that it will cease. Then the whole contraption makes a giant CLUNK sound, stops running, and oozes a curious green liquid.

After a tow to the garage and a ride back to work, she receives a call from the mechanic regarding the state of her vehicle. The following is an exact transcript of that conversation. 

Polly – Hi Car Dude. What’s the news on my baby?
Car Dude – Well Miss, flibber flobber timing belt churmergish rolperby cracked exhaust pipes hurbitle fribble frabble water valve shmurgurflop.
Polly – Oh. I see. And about how long would that take to repair?
Car Dude – Well I’d need to find replacement parts for the shuverwibble yakety sax majigg, but probably by tomorrow afternoon.
Polly – And if the shuverwibble is back in proper working order, how long will this car last?
Car Dude – I’d say 90,000 more miles.
Polly – And the total cost for this?
Car Dude – Conservatively $2600.
Polly – I’ll call you back.

Polly gazes hopelessly out the window, watching raindrops slide down the glass. They fall. Down, down, like the money in her savings account. Like her grand plans to visit her friend in China maybe in the spring if she can find reasonable airfare. Like her spirits, drowning in a pool of coolant that was no longer safely contained in the radiator where it belonged.



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