Musings – When Your Recent Ex Posts…

6 Aug

“While on the concourse to Terminal C in Thebes, I had my first real-deal, genuine, split-second, ooh-la-la, eye-to-eye moment with a complete stranger. I wonder if I will make it to HER facebook?”

You shouldn’t comment with:

  • Sure she wasn’t just trying to pretend she didn’t smell your fart?
  • Maybe she was just distracted by the Jersey-Shore amounts of gel in your unwashed hair.
  • You’ll never guess who I saw naked the other week!
  • Ooh, I hope she didn’t notice that your one eye leans a little to the left.
  • Your mother.
  • Better that she looks at your eyes than your beer gut.
  • “I must tell you friendly in your ear, sell when you can, you are not for all markets.” (As You Like It)
  • THANKZEUS! I was wondering when those “I’ll come back to you!” texts would end.
  • I’m your Regina George, jackass. I MADE you.
  • connections
  • Your first? Really?? At your age??? Guess we all have to start somewhere.

Nor should you “like” your friend’s comment: “It’s Thebes. I bet, if you paid her, she’d post it… among other things.” (Thanks, Pen!)




(Aside: Trying to find a fitting image for this post proved to be exceedingly difficult. First I google-image-searched “Cat Calls” and only got pictures of construction workers. Then I looked up “Sleazy Guy” and those didn’t work either. After that I typed in “Creeper Eyebrows” and FOR THE LOVE OF ZEUS DON’T EVER SEARCH THAT. Penny’s suggestion to include some popular Thebian footwear turned out to be perfect.)



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